I sincerely appreciate the time you spent viewing my photos. My hope is that you found at least one that made you smile, pause or ponder.

I have two wonderful boys, Ben and Andy. My photos would have remained private if not for them challenging me. Ben is wildly creative. He said show your photos so they can affect people. Andy is profoundly supportive. He said don’t be afraid to show them Dad, you and I will always like your pictures.

Ben and Andy, I give you this site in the hope you will find a deeper understanding of your Dad. I believe you can find a little bit of me in each photo.

Each time I picked up my camera, I set out to capture images reminiscent of this poem. Ben challenged me to put it on the site as well—this is for you Ben:


I am tall outside, no hearth or transom to bend me.
No doors or clutter to squeeze me.

I can breathe outside, no masks, tubes, or hands to choke me
No feet on my chest or rasp to rob me.

I am alive outside, free from the demand of poison and perfection.
The isolation reveals itself. Quietly . . . peacefully. . . patiently.

No one waiting on me, no need to be filled, no sacrifice to be made
No darkness to hold me, no illness to bind me, no sadness to burden me

I chase the light outside, golden dawn to warm dusk, bookends to illuminate the natural order.
I find meaning in the gently lit space – amongst the small and ordinary,

Light lifts the darkness, delivers the antidote, and provides the wood to build my cross.
Free to be small, to be ordinary, and to be a saved and unbroken part of the natural order.

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